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Higher education tuition fee prices in Israel range from $8,000 - $20,000 dollars per year, an obstacle preventing many asylum seekers and refugees from pursuing their studies. PREP Up seeks to provide students with scholarships in order to help fund their education.

​Meet the students who will benefit from the Scholarship campaign, and see how they plan to use their education to plan their future, and flourish both individually and as active members of their community. 

Meet Our Scholarship Students

Tesfu Telweldemehin

"Maybe all of the obstacles I've faced within my life were really all necessary in order to come to Israel and finally fulfill my dream of getting an education. The dream that I have dreamt for my entire life is hopefully going to come true and the path of my life is about to change. "

Degree: Business Administration, IDC Herzliya


Country of Origin: Eritrea


Goal:  I want to study International Law and create a standard of education for future Eritrean teenagers, so they can compete and succeed in the fields of marketing, innovation, and entrepreneurship

Barik Sale

"By getting an education, I want to help other people get a chance to avoid the same difficulties I had to go through."


Degree: Government (Hebrew Program) at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya


Country of Origin: Darfur, Sudan


Background:  I was a young boy when my village was attacked. Worried that I would be kidnapped by the Janjaweed, my family told me to flee without them. After a long journey, I arrived in Israel as an unaccompanied minor in 2008. I speak four languages fluently:  Fur, Arabic, English and Hebrew. 


Alhaji Alpha Fofana


Degree: Communications at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

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Fatoumata Sako

"Education is everything. When you are not educated, you cannot do or say anything. As a woman, when you are educated, you are taking a big step in society. Everyone respects you and believes that you can even talk in front of people and feel free to speak your thoughts. If you are not educated, you always have to be in the back of the room because people will look at you like you are just a woman."


Degree: Business and Economics, IDC Herzliya

Country of Origin: Côte d'Ivoire


Goal:  I want to return to Côte d'Ivoire and open a supermarket to give people access to fresh produce and packaged goods. I want to improve the quality of life for others, who currently travel very far from their homes to shop.

Isaac Bundu

“Education is the key to the world. With education, I can do many things to help myself, my family, and others.”


Degree: Business and Economics, IDC Herzliya


Country of Origin: Sierra Leone


Goal:  I want to return to Sierra Leone and help improve the economy and business sector, as they lack the organization to manage their resources. I want to return to Sierra Leone and help it prosper.

Abo​u Bakr Sako

Degree: Government and International Relations at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

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