The demand for talented Coders both in Israel and internationally is growing. Providing refugees and asylum-seekers with in-demand career skills will not only ensure that they are eligible for skilled and in-demand jobs but it will also fulfill the growing needs of the job market. It’s a win-win situation.

Our goal is not only to educate our students but to also guide them towards employment and integration in the developer community. Training refugees in Computer Programming significantly increases their chances of achieving sustainable employment opportunities, both in Israel and abroad.



Phase 1: Precourse Assessment


A six-week long pre-course that teaches relevant coding skills and identifies high-potential candidates with the relevant skill-sets, language skills, motivation, and dedication to succeed. These students will then apply to a highly reputable bootcamp and complete the screening process.


Phase 2: Bootcamp


An intensive 3-5 months bootcamp, which will provide refugees and asylum-seekers with the most in-demand knowledge and technical skills that employers look for when hiring for entry level Web Developer roles. Each student will also look to complete an internship in a company and be provided with a personal mentor.


Phase 3: Job Placement


The students will participate in professional development workshops, and be matched with employment opportunities in order to guide them towards employment and integration into the workforce.

המרכז לקידום פליטים אפריקאים - ARDC, מאמין באדיקות בערכם של השכלה ושל הכשרה מקצועית.  עבור מבקשי המקלט, לימוד כישורים מעשיים ברמה גבוהה פותח דלתות רבות להזדמנויות תעסוקה שלא היו נגישות קודם. בנוסף, ההכשרה המקצועית משפרת לאין ערוך את יכולת ההשתלבות של מבקשי מקלט בחברה הישראלית ומשמשת כגשר חשוב בין הקהילה הישראלית לבין קהילת מבקשי המקלט, תוך שיפור המצב הכלכלי של שתי הקהילות. אנו מציעים מגוון רחב של קורסים וסדנאות ללימוד מיומנויות עבודה פרקטיות, כמו תכנות מחשבים, מכונאות רכב ופדיקור-ומניקור.

Why work with refugees?

There are many reasons for employers to hire refugees and integrate them into the workplace. Refugees and asylum-seekers are often highly qualified and skilled individuals, whose strength and resilience in the face of adversity knows no bounds; making them more than qualified for dealing with the pressures and stresses of high performance work-places. In addition, refugees and asylum-seekers make for motivated and loyal staff since their main concern is to work and provide for themselves and their families. 


Therefore, they have higher retention rates since they are keen to hold down long-term, stable jobs, that will provide stability and financial security. It has also been suggested that employers who hire refugees develop better management skills needed to lead a diverse workforce. What’s more, since refugees and asylum-seekers often speak more than one language, they prove an invaluable asset to businesses that operate internationally.

"I love coding because it really excites me. I am a person who loves to solve problems as well as questions involving logic and thinking ability. Programming is fundamentally about creating solutions to problems. You can create something that can be extremely useful to people and make their life and work easier."

Tesfahalem Geberisus is an Eritrean asylum-seeker and current student of a full stack development bootcamp.

He plans to join the High-Tech Sector after completing the course. 

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