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The opportunity of education provides refugees with the ability to think about the future. Higher education in particular is a tool of reconstruction and an investment for development. By furthering their education, students can cultivate the skills and knowledge needed to become leaders, establish economic self-sufficiency, and contribute to civil society in their home countries and within Israel. 

PREP Up connects dedicated students in Israel to those interested in contributing to this critical issue. 

Welcome to PREP Up, a scholarship initiative to support refugees in pursuit of higher education.​

The education project provides assistance to students from over 15 different countries, including Eritrea, Sudan, Côte d’Ivoire and Somalia.



The African Refugee Development Center (ARDC) is the sole organization in Israel that offers higher education support for African asylum seekers. While ARDC’s formal and informal partnerships with universities and vocational institutions have been able to resolve many of the obstacles that our students face, the financial demands continue to deter and prohibit many of our students from accessing higher education. In June 2015, the PREP Up initiative was created to address this need.



All PREP Up students receive assistance from our education team in applying for scholarships directly from their school of enrollment. To date, all have been successful in receiving some financial assistance. However, many students still struggle to cover the remainder of their tuition, as well as the associated fees of applying to university. The education team identifies students who need additional financial aid as our PREP Up students. Fundraising efforts aim to cover the rest of their fees. 

Laptop Campaign and Vocational Supplies

ARDC's PREP Up Initiative provides extra support to our students. You can donate to an individual student's scholarship fund or support them through the donation of a computer in good working condition or other needed school supplies. 

For more information on how to support our students, contact

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