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To promise placement following the courses, ARDC offers CV, Linkedin, and job search workshops, as well as interview simulations and ongoing consultations and support in the job hunting process. Language classes and additional tutoring are also offered to coding students who require it.

To date, ARDC has helped about 35 refugees complete a coding course. So far, a total of 18 refugees have been assisted in finding work or internships in tech jobs, either through self-employment or in various companies including ReWire,, Real Time, Utest,Sales4Tech, Rural Senses, and Developers Institute.


By the end of 2021, our placement rates stood at over 50%. We are now launching a career guidance project, with the aim of increasing our placement rates and increasing the number of female participants. We are engaging industry specialists, including recruiters and developers who assist refugees in the process of applying for jobs and preparing for interviews. 

Additionally, we match graduates with work and internship opportunities through hiring partners and freelance projects in web development, app development, and QA which our graduates take on to gain experience until they can find work independently. 

With the right support, we know that our graduates can fulfill their dreams and build their careers.

Get in touch with us if you are looking for career guidance , support and employment.

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(+972) 54-929-8892

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Where are our graduates?

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I finished high school in Sudan before moving to Egypt where I studied and worked briefly as a computer technician. I  arrived in Israel more than 15 years ago and has since studied in ARDC's Python and web design courses, and at Kernelios college. My dream is to build a career around Cyber and data security. In 2022 I starting working as an IT Technician at Ness Technologies.

Mohamed Suliman

IT Technician @Ness Technologies


Hatsfira 18, Tel Aviv, Israel

info @


(+972) 54-929-8892


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